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April 30 2018

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i went looking for the comic that the reaction image is from and i am not disappointed



does anyone have the bowling meme

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whenever i see a baby in public i wish i were like a powerful faerie god mother character who could give the baby a gift like “you’ll never get a cold” or “math will always make sense to you” or something like bein’ great with string instruments but I don’t have any powers that I know of but it doesn’t stop me from trying so every time I see a baby in public I tell the adult with it “what a beautiful baby” and it makes them smile and then I pretend I can take the goodness of their smile and I look at the baby and I think very hard “you will have a good life, even if it’s hard, you will end up happy” and I’m just hopin’ the magic kicks in at some point

faerie: for your service, I will grant you one boon

me: cool can it be the power to grant boons

faerie, looking through the manual: uh,

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this is where he did it to them

are you shitting me i used to live a city away from fucking HIM?

he could’ve done it to you













I’m Gay

I’m A Lesbian

I’m bisexual

i’m trans

Im Asexual.

I’m not sure yet

it’s ok!

a wholesome post

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Why do I find these so funny





pretty fucked up how christian beliefs are referred to as “stories” but indigenous beliefs are referred to as “mythology”

im gonna start calling it all “christian mythology” now and watch people literally melt in fury

I call it Christian mythology and the amount of angry looks I get from old people in public when I say it is honestly baffling and hysterical.

how come everyone here saw a post clearly meant to point out how people treat indigenous peoples’ religions with disrespect and decided to make it all about pissing off Christians?

the point of this post was very obviously “treat indigenous peoples better” but you have chosen to read it as “treat Christian religious beliefs more poorly”. i wanted people to reflect on the language they use to talk about the religions of indigenous peoples but that intent was apparently lost on many people.

i want you to ask yourself why you are more willing to make the effort to treat certain people unkindly than to treat other people with respect.



me, learning about the greek pantheon in elementary: wow, I love athena, so brave and smart

me, after reading about the story of medusa: athena is a spiteful, dumb bitch who can’t direct her anger at the right people! wack ass hoe

Me, after learning than Medusas head was used as a sign of safety and female autonomy in women’s spaces because it was seen as a gift from Athena, to allow Medusa never to be harmed that way again: oh dope, Athenas on our side. Kill a man who dares to look upon you with possession in his heart.

Me, after learning that Athena holds herself to the ‘not like other girls’ standard and usuallys sides with whatever the nearest dick-toting diety says: what the fuck what a fake bitch

Me, after learning that most of the media depicting Greek Gods by the ancient Greeks that survives today was commissioned, designed, and made by men, and therefore does not depict female interpretation or telling of the myths, and is probably extremely biased towards a misogynistic portrayal of a strong woman: the canon Athena was in our hearts all along.

April 19 2018

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lmao this dog is gonna win, i’ve seen airbud

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I made a difference in the world!


doesthedogdie.com doing good in the world

no no no, but you’re missing the OTHER best part

They added a link and the phone number for suicide prevention to their section on suicide.

Bless you, doesthedogdie.

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werewolf kid

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you guys there’s a new nancy cartoonist and she’s amazing







Lyft driver: “Your name, is Slavic? Me too. Bulgarian. I drive fast for you, brother.”

Now he’s waxing philosophical about the Ottoman Empire, imperialism, and human nature. “Humans? We are the most dangerous animal. Other animals, they kill when they need to. We kill when we think we need to. It is not the same.”

He just monologued about climate change and the military industrial complex, and the difficulty of having a Balkan identity when every Balkan country changes hands “every twenty years”. “Our history is getting swallowed by the biggest fish, and that fish getting swallowed by the next biggest fish, and so on.”

He had so many more gems. We compared family names, realized that his daughter shares my grandfather’s name (the feminine version), and then he started talking about The Old Country. The city where he grew up had a population of 300, and the population of his whole country could fit inside Chicago. He came here twenty years ago seeking a better life, but “everything in America is too big, the cars, the problems, the inequality”. He pointed to his phone and called it “stupid little computer” that’s meant to control his life, not to improve it, and how the world is getting steadily worse and the little people can’t do anything about it. He told me to continue my studies so that I don’t grow up to work in the service industry and can instead try to stop the concentration of power into the hands of corrupt people. Then he shrugged and said, “But who knows? Can anyone do it? I don’t know if it’s possible.”

I tipped him 25%.

You just met an Old God


some kind of ancient wizard who has knowledge to share if he thinks you deserve it

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